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This site covers all areas of history. Currently, the site focuses on the Normans, the Anglo-Saxons, World War One, and World War 2. The blog page includes articles about a variety of topics from history and archaeology to writing and research.

The Current sections of the website can be seen at the top of the page. There are sub-pages which expand on each of the topics. Feel free to comment on anything that piques your interest or that you simply like. Feel free to share any of the pages and articles on this site with your friends and family as well as any history enthusiasts that you know.

Please enter your email in the box below to receive updates on the site as we add new pages and articles. There is also a box on the right of the blog and on the pages where you can tell me what parts of history you are most interested in. Filling this in will show me which areas of history to focus my articles on so that you can continue to receive more quality content.

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