The Normans

The Normans, A column

Norman architecture

Who were the Normans?

The Normans were a group of people who were originally from Scandinavia and settled in What we now know as Northern France during the 10th century. Through a series of land grants and wars, they came to rule a large area from Brittany to Modern day Belgium. From here they expanded to many places. One of their biggest conquests was England in 1066. From that point, they expanded North into Scotland and also West into Wales and then onto Ireland. While the Dukes were conquering the British Isles other groups moved throughout Europe. The South of Italy and Sicily were conquered by the de Hauteville Family during this expansion. From this area the moved further east fighting for the Byzantine emperors and then in the crusades. By the 12th century, the Normans were becoming known as separate groups int eh countries which they conquered due to their royal titles. Their legacy was in the French Duchies owned by the English Crown and also the Crusaders states throughout the Levant.

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